Top 5 Biggest Buildings in the World – 2016


With the technology advancing at its peak, the construction methods as well as the materials have undergone a massive upgrade which has transformed the perception regarding the skyscrapers. Gone are the days when people used to live in the constant fear of the multistory buildings to collapse. The sky roaring skyscrapers have marked their dominance and there is a constant rush to build the tallest skyscraper. The rush can be realized when you will find out that Taipei 101, which was once the tallest building in the world would not even qualify in the list once the three currently under construction buildings get finished. Here are five current tallest buildings in the world:

1. Burj Khalifa:

The Burj Khalifa is the current undisputed tallest structure in the world. Built by Samsung Constructions in 2010, It stands a whopping 829 meters tall from the ground level. The structure is literally so tall that you can watch the sun set from the ground, take the lift to the top floor and watch the sun set again. The structure holds six world records. The building contains a mind-blowing 163 floors and the longest running elevator system which travels approximately at ten meters per second. This is not all. The building boasts 9 hotels along with an enormous shopping mall. The breathtaking architectural design is enough to mesmerize anyone that comes in its vicinity.

2. Shanghai Tower:

Shanghai tower is one of the recently completed structures and is very new to the list. The structure boasts a total of 128 floors and stands a mind-blowing 632 meters above the ground. The structure was completed in 2015 and remains the tallest structure ever built in China.

3. Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower:

Abraj Al-Bait or commonly known as the Makkah Clock Royal Tower is a hotel owned by the government of Saudi Arabia built especially for the Muslims who come to Mecca for performing Hajj. The building stands 601 meters above the ground. The main attraction is a huge clock at the top which has approximately 140x140ft dimensions, making it the biggest clock in the world. The hotel has luxurious rooms which only the wealthy people can afford. The total accommodation capacity is approximately 10,000 people at a time.

4. One World Trade Center:

The One World Trade Center is the tallest standing structure in USA with a total of 104 floors. The building stands approximately 541.3 meters above the ground and consists not only of offices and restaurants but a museum as well.

5. Taipei 101:

As the name suggests, the gigantic structure boasts 101 floors which is a lot in itself. The structure was once the tallest structure in the world and stands at an enormous height of 509 meters from the ground level. The architectural design of the building is spectacular. Unfortunately, Taipei 101 will no longer remain among the top 5 tallest structures in the world once CTF Finance center gets completed.

The structures have evolved a lot in the recent times. The rush has brought into existence some of the best architectural wonders of the world and has demonstrated the power of Future steel buildings. Undoubtedly, the future of building indeed lies within the advancements in the production of steel.

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