6 Ways Metal Buildings Are the Greener Alternative

Beyond cost, aesthetics, and repair needs, choosing the building materials for an outbuilding, storage unit, or barn can have a direct impact on the environment. Below are six ways that metal buildings are the naturally greener building product for all types of useful structures.

1. Lower Emissions In Fabrication

The metal form and fabrication industry have become one of the leaders in reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Choosing to use this material for your building is choosing to support the care of the environment. The constant deforestation brought by the use of wood products leads to massive soil erosion and loss of habitat for wildlife. Choosing steel is a friendlier way to go.

2. Lower Resource Use

Current estimates range between 60 and 70 percent of all metal products being made using recycled material. Metals are one of the most reused materials on the globe. The total amount of energy used to recycle metal is far less than the power it takes to gather fresh resources, such as wood, sand, and limestone.

3. Tough and Long-Lasting

You can count on well-built metal buildings to last longer than many construction materials. Essential maintenance is typically few and far between, with repairs being more affordable than wooden or concrete structures. This durability feature means the reduced risk of having to replace the building. Sturdiness is another way it lessens the impact on the environment.

4. Reduced Equipment and Labor Use

Many parts of a metal building are sent to the site also put together. The reduced need for significant assembly will require less personnel to erect the finished structure. There will also be limited need for heavy equipment at the site. Both of these features allow for an eased impact on energy and reduced pollution.

5. Fully Recyclable Materials

When the day arrives that the metal building has to be demolished and replaced, the materials are 100 percent recyclable. The metal will end up back in the supply rather than sitting in the landfills. Every bit of metal recycled saves depleting the environment in the process of replacing the material.

6. Show You are Environmentally Conscious

Most companies that offer metal buildings carry certifications that show they provide greener technology and products. You can proudly demonstrate to the world that you care about the environment and the impact that your building choices have on the ultimate health and outcome. Choosing metal building materials is a decision you can feel right about for years to come.

Choosing to use metal buildings is an easy way you can help with the movement to create a cleaner environment for the next generation to enjoy.

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