5 Common Types of Steel Buildings

Steel is one of the most long-lasting building elements and is widely applicable in the construction of different structures. Pre-fabricated ones can serve several purposes depending on the size. Below are the common types of metal buildings.

1. Garages

Most homeowners opt to choose pre-fabricated garages instead of brick and mortar ones. One of the main advantages of using such structures is the durability and strength features. Additionally, you can readily create a suitable design to fit your cars. Such fabrications are constructed to resist harsh elements such as winds, storms, and snow. Steel specialists utilize the building construction laws of your local municipality to ensure the structures meet the standards.

2. Commercial and Industrial Structures

If you are starting up a business, a steel structure could work well for you. With chances of expansion later, you ought to get one that can match your needs. Steel buildings are flexible and versatile meaning they can be remodeled and expanded to any size and shape. Additionally, you don’t have to wait for long before you have your new space ready. With just a few adjustments and the right skills, you can get a suitable one in the design and size you wish.

3. Agricultural Structures

As farm structures age, they can incur high maintenance costs. If you are a farmer, you can choose metal buildings which can last long and maintain the quality with less maintenance. Additionally, you can simply expand the structure as your farm grows to fit all your farm feeds and other supplies. Since agricultural steel buildings do not need internal support columns, it makes it easy and quick to erect and set up in a short time.

4. Residential Buildings

Are you thinking of getting extra storage space or a guest room? A steel structure can meet your needs at a relatively low cost. With enough space on your compound, you can choose a suitable one considering the size and the availability of space. Since steel is not affected by ants or termites, you will not have to worry about renovating the structure as you would with wood.

5. Aviation Buildings

Planes need ample, open space and protective roofs from extreme weather elements. Because metal buildings can remain stable without the need for internal columns, they suit such places. Also, they can withstand wind which is quite common in airports. With appropriate slide doors, the steel structure can be completed to a long-lasting hangar.

Steel can suit several areas depending on size, design, and purpose. The strength and durability factors make metal buildings suitable for heavy duty and high activity areas. Additionally, steel structures come at a relatively lower cost and can be customized to meets your needs.

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